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Registering Your Rental Property

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How to register your rental property

Did you know that if you plan to rent your Spanish property, you must register to do so? This is because of a piece of legislation by the Valencian Government which says that all properties advertised for rental must be registered with the Valencian Tourism Agency (Agencia Valenciana de Turismo).

The requirements to register vary from town to town (and exact details are easy to find out from your local town hall) so we have used Torrevieja as an example.  The information may vary very slightly so it is best to check in your local area.

What you need to do

If you have bought a villa or apartment on the Costa Blanca and plan to offer it for rent, you will need to register it by paying the appropriate fee to the town hall (this is called a ‘tasa’) and providing the required documentation which in Torrevieja is as follows:

  • Proof that you have paid the fee or tasa
  • The registration form which must include
    – The catastral reference of your property*
    – A photo of front of the building
    – A copy of the deeds or escritura
    – A map of the local area indicating the location of your property


*If you don’t already have a record of your Catastral reference, you can find it online here:


Once you have completed the registration process, a technician from the town hall will check that your property has the appropriate occupation licence before issuing the registration certificate. The occupation licence basically means that the town hall has decreed your property fit for occupation.  Not all homes have this important licence but it is usually easy to obtain.


The number of rental properties registered in Torrevieja alone has increased tenfold in as many years and this is still on the increase as property owners realise that this is not only a mark of quality and prestige, but also a legal requirement.


As we said, we are using Torrevieja as a benchmark but rules may vary very slightly from town to town.  For example, in Benidorm a different rule applies which distinguishes high rise apartment blocks (made up solely of rental accommodation) from other separate rental properties.  Most rental properties in Torrevieja are individual homes and as such are quite straightforward to register.


More information (and online registration options) are available from the Tourism board of the Valencian Goverment here.


There are other considerations which must be adhered to by landlords such as data protection and record keeping.  If you plan to register your property for rental, either short or long term, it is recommended to check with your local authorities the rules in your region to ensure you are keeping within the law.


Buying a Spanish property with a view to renting it out is a wonderful source of revenue and ensuring you follow protocol correctly from the very outset can prevent any problems at a later date.  The registration process is very simple and ensures that properties offered to tourists are of a certain standard of quality.

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