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Spain’s Healthcare Top in Europe

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Healthcare in Spain top in Europe and 3rd worldwide

Great news for homeowners in Spain this week as new research has revealed that Spain’s healthcare system ranks the most efficient in Europe and third in the world next to Hong Kong and Singapore. In the annual study, undertaken by Bloomberg, Spain has once again come out ahead of its European counterparts having come first in Europe in last year’s study and again this year.

The study analysed data from 56 global healthcare systems and while Spain fared incredibly well once more, the UK dropped to 35th position.  The bottom three slots on the table are occupied by Azerbaijan, the USA and Bulgaria.

Researchers studied each country’s healthcare system’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), measuring the value of economic activity and analysed how much of that GDP is allocated to healthcare. In Spain, healthcare accounts for 9.2% of the GDP which amounts to around €2000 per person. The study also married this data with life expectancy (in Spain, life expectancy is an average of 82.8 years) and other factors such as health expenditures to come up with an efficiency index.  Spain’s efficiency index, according to the new research, is 69.3.

Rankings can change dramatically year-on-year because of external influencing factors such as recession and currency fluctuations as well as changes to life expectancy.  It is comforting therefore for Spanish property owners to know that for the second consecutive year, Spain has ranked top in Europe and third globally.

Read the original research and see the full rankings here.

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