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Your very own Grand Design

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Buying a property as a renovation project is a very exciting and rewarding way of achieving your dream home in Spain, and likewise a fantastic investment opportunity. You can still find some very cheap properties in the region that, with some hard work and imagination, could be crafted into your very own “Grand Design” home. Although licensed plots of land are becoming more and scarce, they do still come onto the market, however we are seeing more and more people buying and demolishing old and tired dwellings to build a brand new home to their exact specification. Plots of land or “parcelas” on the coastal regions are notoriously expensive and difficult to come by, whereas only a few kilometers inland you can still find some wonderful opportunities to begin your dream home adventure. Leddy Homes and Leddy Contractors will work hand in hand with you and walk you through every single stage of the project, from purchase of the property or land, to choosing the lights for your new swimming pool.

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